Having a sense of simplicity can seem elusive in today's lightening fast, information overload environment. You want to keep up with modern life but not become stressed out and unhealthy.

In this dynamic landscape, Jennifer Cook, a holistic nutrition coach, Ayurvedic consultant, and yoga teacher excels at helping high performing creatives become the healthiest, highest versions of themselves.

Jennifer is the founder of Minimal and Well in Orange County California where she lives by the sea with two rescue pups and lots of beach walks.

Minimal and Well is a nutrition , Ayurveda and wellness concierge practice specializing in aging incredibly well, maximizing energy, enjoying glowing skin and achieving an ideal, healthy weight. Her practice offers a unique modern, multi-disciplinary approach.


A note from Jennifer…

I love helping people pole vault over their obstacles to good health. I also love simplicity and helping clients get rid of what no longer serves their highest selves - including toxic fillers, preservatives in their diets and their lives.

My approach is rooted on a solid plant-centric dietary foundation, mindfully interwoven with the ancient healing protocols of Ayurveda.

The more people I can help be their healthiest…then the more people there are out in the world, doing what they are meant to do on this planet and stepping into their full potential. More people doing amazing things - sharing their gifts with others! THIS lights me up!


Want to live your best life and be your healthiest self?